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  • United to leave John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Delta to expand fleet if pilots approve contract
  • Alitalia reveals new livery
  • New Transaero livery officially unveiled
  • US Airways to completely disappear this year

United to leave John F. Kennedy International Airport
June 16 2015 — Jan Fernandez
United Airlines has a very small presence at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport, but that presence will disappear this October, when the carrier ceases JFK operations.

Neeleman's Gateway to buy TAP Portugal
June 12 2015 — Jan Fernandez
TAP Portugal, the Portuguese flag carrier, is finally being sold — to a company in the Americas.

Delta to expand fleet if pilots approve contract
June 10 2015 — Jan Fernandez
If Delta's pilots ratify a new agreement, the carrier will expand its mainline fleet — and it will add a new aircraft type.

American to start flights to Australia
June 9 2015 — Jan Fernandez
American and Qantas are expanding their partnership, strengthening the 25 year relationship between the two airlines.

Alitalia reveals new livery
June 4 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Alitalia has revealed its new livery, becoming the "sexiest airline in Europe".

Irish government agrees to sell Aer Lingus stake
May 26 2015 — Jan Fernandez
International Airlines Group, the owner of British Airways and Iberia, has actively bidding for the Irish government's share in Aer Lingus — and Ireland announced on Tuesday that they were selling their stake.

Several flights searched on Memorial Day
May 25 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to disrupt the US aviation system, when an estimated minimum of 2.6 million people are flying. Passengers on multiple flights had to go through delays when their aircraft had to be checked by officials, usually after a threat.

New Transaero livery officially unveiled
May 22 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Transaero has taken delivery of its newest aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 — and with it the carrier unveiled a new image.

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